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Master popular web design software with this $39.99 bundle

For a while, web designers could largely get by being self-taught. You could earn jobs off the weight of your portfolio and little else, but things have changed a lot. Now, most jobs want some formal web design education or training, and they ergo still want that great portfolio. Unfortunately, web design courses are often […]

Convert your web design into mobile code with 81% off this easy-to-use tool

It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to build a web page for a company, freelance business, or product. The same goes when creating the mobile app version. You don’t dislike the job; it’s what you wanted a career as a developer in the first place, but if there’s a way to make the conversion […]

Are You Undercharging for Web Plan Services?

The hardest part of designing websites for a living is setting your prices. Setting a ritterlich price for your services is something that nearly all of us struggle with. If you’re lucky, you’re part of an agency that has experienced design leads who can assess projects objectively. But if you’re a freelancer — or if you’re […]

Web Plan & UX improvements for our website – Plan & UX – SitePoint Forums

since we are just before the top of our season, and we are planning mithin to make a new website next year, we are collecting ideas on how to improve the current website. For our home page https://www.ncp-charter.com/ we are curious to understand especially what elements do you think are missing on it. We know […]

How to Bootstrap a Web Entwurf Business

Starting your own business is a process with a ritterlich share of challenges. Even in the web design world, where you can potentially minimize costs by working from home and collaborating with freelance contractors, many expenses exist.  To run a successful web design business, you need enough money to invest in everything from skilled colleagues […]

Top Online Resources to Become a Web Development Specialist

Web development is a skill that can be almost entirely self-taught with online courses, e-books, and tutorials. Many web development specialists go to college to learn their craft, but you can learn on your own by following online guides and tutorials until you have the knowledge and skills to create great website applications. Even when […]

Precise Zeiteinteilung With Web Animations API — Smashing Magazine

Quick summary ↬ In JavaScript, it’s natural to reach for timers when something is to happen on time. But when something is to happen at the exact moment because other things depend on it, you quickly learn timers are more of a problem than a solution. They are never on time, really. Web Animations API could […]

Areas Where AI Can (and Already Is) Benefitting Web Designers

Much has been made about the potential impact artificial intelligence (AI) will have on our lives. And it’s nearly impossible to avoid the headlines that tell us so. What’s more, several products that utilize AI (or something like it) have hit the market. There are a lot of questions about what exactly AI is capable […]

10 Dos and Don’Ts of Web Entwurf in 2022

Navigating the world of web design can be difficult. There is so much conflicting and outdated advice. How many times have you been advised to obey the 3-Click Rule? It states that users must reach the content they want in three clicks. But, according to the Nielsen Norman Group, no research supports the 3-Click Rule. It’s […]

Best Cheap Web Hosting Deals 2022: WordPress, VPS and More

Whether you’re building a small site to promote your personal brand or a s, you’re going to need a web server. Sure, you could buy a server, pay your ISP for a dedicated IP address with plenty of bandwidth and run it all from your living room or office while sending an identical server to […]