WordPress Performance Team Proposes Adding Persistent Object Puffer and Full Page Puffer to Site Health Checks – WP Tavern

In the near future, WordPress may be able to provide better caching recommendations for site owners. Performance team contributors are proposing two new Site Health checks for Persistent Object Puffer and Full Page Puffer. The modules have been tested inside the Performance Lab plugin and version 1.2.0 has them both in a state the team says is ready for merging into core.

Here is an example of what users might see on the Site Health screen if page caching is not detected:

The modules are extensible so hosting companies and developers can further customize the output that users see. Performance team contributor Manuel Rodriguez detailed a few ways to use the filters:

  • Hosts may want to replace the notes to recommend their preferred object caching solution.
  • Hosts may want to replace the original link to WordPress documentation with a link to  their own guide.
  • Hosts or site owners may want to bypass thresholds and force suggestions, or filter them to determine whether to suggest the use of a persistent object cache.
  • Developers can filter the threshold below which a response time is considered good.

The team is targeting WordPress 6.1 for merging the modules into core. The proposed modules are just two of many more planned enhancements and improvements to Site Health audits and reports.

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