What’s Coming in WordPress 6.1 (Features and Screenshots)

WordPress 6.1 Beta arrived just a few days ago, and it is anticipated to be released on November 1st, 2022. It can be the last major release of 2022 and can include many latest features and enhancements.

We now have been closely monitoring the development and trying out latest features on our test sites.

In this text, we’ll provide you with a sneak peek into what’s coming in WordPress 6.1 with features and screenshots.

Note: You possibly can check out the beta version in your computer or on a staging environment through the use of the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. Please take into account that a few of the features in beta may not make it into the ultimate release.

Recent Default Theme:  Twenty Twenty-Three

As per the WordPress tradition, the last release of the 12 months will ship with a latest default theme called Twenty Twenty-Three.

Twenty Twenty-Three new default theme in WordPress 6.1

Featuring a minimalist style, Twenty Twenty-Three is a block theme with full site editing capabilities.

It can include ten style variations that users can select contained in the Site Editor.

Twenty Twenty-Three styles

It can also ship with 4 fonts which might be used in several styles. You can too select these fonts when writing posts and pages.

Twenty Twenty-Three

Overall, Twenty Twenty-Three provides a lovely canvas to create a website using the design tools available in the location editor.

Block Editor Improvements

WordPress users spend most of their time creating posts and pages for his or her web sites using the block editor.

Each WordPress release comes with a ton of improvements to the editor. WordPress 6.1 will include changes introduced within the Gutenberg (code name for the block editor project) releases from 13.1 to 14.1.

The key focus during these Gutenberg releases was to bring consistency to the supply of design tools for various blocks.

Following are a few of the more noticeable changes within the block editor

Dimensions in More Blocks

WordPresss 6.1 will bring dimensions to more blocks like Paragraph, List, Columns, Table, and more.

Dimensions under block tools

This may allow users to set padding and margin for more blocks and have a much finer control over the design and layout.

It can also help users visualize the changes when adjusting padding and margins for a block.

Visualize padding and margin adjustments

Improved Border Options

With WordPress 6.1, users can add borders to more blocks. They may even find a way to regulate the highest, right, bottom, and left borders individually.

Advanced border controls for more blocks

The image block, which previously only allowed you to pick border radius, will now also let you add actual borders.

Image border

Featured Image in Cover Block

Our users often ask concerning the difference between featured image and canopy block in WordPress. Many users wanted to make use of the duvet block as featured image for his or her site.

WordPress 6.1 will allow users to pick their featured image for a canopy block. Users can then just set the featured image and it would start appearing inside the duvet.

Featured image in cover block

Using cover will allow users to display featured images anywhere they need.

Note: Depending in your theme, if this feature is just not used accurately, then your featured image may appear twice on the screen.

Quote and List Blocks with Inner Blocks

Ever desired to move an item up or down in a bulleted list without actually editing it?

WordPress 6.1 will introduce inner blocks for List and Quote blocks.

As an illustration, items in an inventory block can be their very own blocks. This is able to let you simply move them up and down without editing.

Move list items up and down

Similarly, when using the Quote block, users can style quote and cite blocks otherwise.

Quote block

Improved Navigation Block

WordPress 6.1 comes with an improved navigation block that means that you can easily create and choose a menu from the block settings.

Navigation menu improved

Users may even find a way to make use of design tools for submenus and magnificence them otherwise than the parent menu item.

Submenu colors

Editor Design Enhancements

WordPress 6.1 may even include several changes to the Editor screen design. These changes will improve the user experience on the block editor screen.

Following are a few of those enhancements:

Preview Button is Now Labeled View

The Preview button is now called View.

View button

In Site Editor, the View button now also features a link to easily view your website in a latest tab.

View site preview

Status & Visibility Panel is now Called Summary

The status and visibility panel under the Post settings can be renamed Summary.

Summary panel

Permalink and Template Options Under Summary Panel

Permalink and Template options has their very own panels under Post settings. With WordPress 6.1 these panels are merged under the Summary panel.

Missing panels in WordPress 6.1

Just click to expand the Summary panel, and also you’ll find the choice to alter ‘URL’ (permalink) and select template.

Moved items

Improved Information Panel

In WordPress 6.1, the knowledge popover may even display the time to read information.

Improved information panel

Site Icon will Replace the WordPress Logo

If you might have set the location icon on your website, then it would be used because the View Posts button in the highest left corner of the screen.

Site icon will be used as logo on editor screen

Recent Preferences Options

The preferences panel now includes two latest options.

First, there may be ‘Always open list view’ which means that you can display list view when editing posts.

New preferences option

The second latest option is to ‘Show button text labels’, which shows text as a substitute of icons on buttons.

Buttons and icons replaced with text labels

Create More Templates in Site Editor

Within the classic WordPress themes, users could create templates using template hierarchy and extend their WordPress theme by writing code.

With WordPress 6.1, users will find a way to do the identical using the block editor and without writing code.

The upcoming release will unlock the next templates no matter which block theme you’re using.

  • Single page
  • Single post
  • Indivdual term in a taxonomy
  • Individual category
  • Custom template (might be used for any post or page)

Simply go to Appearance » Editor after which select templates from the left sidebar. After that click on the Add Recent button to see the available options.

Site editor now has more templates

In case you select a template that might be applied to a person item, then you definitely will see a popup.

From here, you’ll be able to select the item where you wish the brand new template for use.

Create template for a single item

As an illustration, for those who select the Category template, then you definitely’ll see a popup.

Now you’ll be able to select if you desire to apply your latest template for all categories or a particular category.

Create template for single category

Quickly Search and Use Template Parts

WordPress 6.1 may even make it easier to quickly search and use template parts.

As an illustration, in case your theme has multiple header template parts, then you definitely can quickly find and apply one in all them.

Replace template part

Simply select click on the template part options and choose Replace.

This may bring up a modal popup where you’ll be able to search for available template parts you could use.

Select a template part

Under The Hood Improvements

  • Classic themes can now use template parts (Details)
  • Fluid typography allows theme developers to dynamically adjust font sizes. (Details)
  • Post types can now have their very own starter patterns (Details).
  • Filters to hook into theme.json data (Details)

Overall, WordPress 6.1 beta incorporates greater than 350 enhancements and 350 bug fixes for the block editor, this also includes 250+ tickets for the core.

We hope this text provided you a glimpse of what’s coming in WordPress 6.1.

Comment below to tell us what features you discover interesting and what you’d look to see in a future WordPress release!

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