The Best Google Shopping WordPress Plugins

Google Shopping ads offer great opportunities to achieve more leads and conversions on your products. And to have the ability to display your products on Google Shopping ads, you must generate and upload a product feed in a specified format to Google Merchant Center.

For big stores, generating a feed manually from large volumes of knowledge is just not a practical option. So in such cases, it is necessary to search out a tool that can assist you in generating product feeds. If you’ve gotten an internet store running on WordPress WooCommerce, you’ll be able to consider among the below plugins to generate and upload product feeds conveniently.

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1. ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin

This plugin will assist you to generate a product feed out of your WooCommerce store in multiple file formats equivalent to CSV, TSV and XML. The feed that you just generate will likely be specific to your store’s base country requirements. It should also assist you to frequently update the feed you’ve gotten uploaded on Google Merchant Center based on specific schedules. And there isn’t any limit to the variety of product feeds you can generate using this plugin. Furthermore, the plugin offers unmatched mapping capabilities to map your product categories and attributes with Google’s categories and attributes. Overall, the plugin has an intuitive interface and advanced features, which include:

  • Create location-specific Google shopping feeds that may be uploaded to your Google Merchant Center account.
  • Generate unlimited product feeds in multiple file formats equivalent to CSV, TSV and XML.
  • Supports all product forms of WooCommerce including variable products.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Advanced mapping option for categories and attributes.
  • Create custom attribute fields.
  • Manage multiple fields effortlessly from the user friendly dashboard.
  • Reliable support team and frequent feature updates.

2. Wyomind Easy Google Shopping

Simple Google Shopping

Get your products into Google Shopping results asap with the Easy Google Shopping plugin by Wyomind. Whether you’ve gotten 10 products or 10,000 – Easy Google Shopping is as much as the duty! This plugin makes it easy to create, customize, export and update a product data feed out of your WooCommerce store.

Use the plugin’s built-in options and filters to design your feed that meets all of Google’s requirements. Then after uploading it to your Google Merchant account you’ll be able to enable a scheduled task for automatic updates to your feed. That is pulled directly out of your WooCommerce store, in order you add recent products (or edit old ones) your correct shop info will likely be added to Google Shopping. Other Wyomind Easy Google Shopping features include:

  • Export products, groups or variables to Google shopping
  • Easy XML pattern included
  • Options for advanced filters based on visibility, category, attributes, etc.
  • Data feed preview and syntactic helper to make sure your feed is working properly
  • Built-in error and warnings reports
  • Automated feed updates via cron tasks
  • 6 Months priority support included
  • Lifetime updates & unlimited test domains

3. Clever eCommerce for Google Ads & Google Shopping

Clever eCommerce for Google Ads & Google Shopping

Whether you’re unsure how one can start with Google Shopping, or simply pressed for time, that is the plugin for you. The Clever eCommerce Google Ads WooCommerce Extension connects to your WooCommerce store, uploads your products to the Google Merchant Center after which creates your Google Shopping campaigns – all mechanically, without you’ve gotten to do way more than click a number of options. Once your store is synced, Clever eCommerce will handle account optimization, search and display ad creation, keyword bidding, remarketing and more. Its an excellent option to market your store, especially since you should use Clever eCommerce for normal in addition to seasonal campaigns. The plugin is fast and simple to make use of, plus you’re sure to be glad with the outcomes out of your automated Google Ads. Key features include:

  • Quick setup with settings for shop description, logo, services, goal countries and ad budget
  • Automated import of WooCommerce product feed to Google Shopping
  • Automatic search ads, display ads and banner creation to achieve a wider audience
  • Automated Google Remarketing ads for increased customer engagement
  • Enable automatic account adjustments and alerts

4. Google Product Feed

WooCommerce Google Product Feed

You’ll have the ability to create an actual time feed of your WooCommerce store products using this plugin. Using this feed, you’ll have the ability to make your product data updated on Google Merchant Center, and thereby making it available for Google Shopping ads. The highlight of the plugin is the big variety of attribute fields that it supports along with core fields. It supports product reviews as well, and offers integrations with several other plugins to incorporate custom data within the feeds. More notable features:

  • Create a wealthy product data feed for Google Merchant center because of extensive support for advanced fields.
  • Advanced mapping capability to match WooCommerce categories, attributes and product fields with Google’s specifications.
  • Create additional data fields to make your product information more elaborate.
  • Option so as to add product or variation specific information.
  • Regular updates to the feed to make sure your product data is up so far.
  • Flexible for personalisation.

5. YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce

YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce

That is one other smooth choice to generate product feed for Google Shopping ads. The plugin offers an choice to generate feeds in TXT and XML formats. Furthermore, the plugin offers an excellent user interface that can assist you to generate product feed files effortlessly. And, you’ll be able to select the list of products that you must include within the feed, because of advanced filters. With the plugin it’s also possible to:

  • Generate product feeds in XML and TXT formats to be uploaded to Google Merchant Center.
  • Create unlimited feeds in response to your requirements.
  • Include your entire product catalog to be in the sphere or only a specific few.
  • Choice to create custom templates with selective fields.
  • Easily add prefix or suffix to the knowledge presented on Google fields.
  • Manage general fields with an option for setting the identical value for all products.

6. AdTribes Product Feed Manager

AdTribes Product Feed Manager

It is a plugin that can assist you to generate multiple feeds suitable for various marketing channels. Along with Google Merchant Center, you’ll be able to generate feeds for over 200 marketing platforms using this plugin. Furthermore, it has advanced features for filtering products and mapping attributes, which can make your job much easier:

  • Helps you generate product feeds for various platforms including Google Shopping.
  • Advanced filtering options to decide on the products to be included within the feed.
  • Support for WooCommerce variable products.
  • No limits within the variety of products and feeds that may be created.
  • Arrange schedules to mechanically update the feeds at regular intervals.
  • Advanced category and attribute mapping.
  • Measure your success with the platform with Google Analytics integration.

7. WP All Import – Export to Google Shopping

WP All Import - Export to Google Shopping

It is a comprehensive option that can assist you to manage product feeds effortlessly on your Google Merchant Center account. It has an intuitive user interface, and a number of other advanced features to assist you to create informative feeds. The plugin offers options to mechanically update your feed at specified schedules. Furthermore, it offers hassle free mapping capabilities in addition to these other features:

  • Create Google Merchant Center Feeds for big volumes of product data.
  • Drag and drop interface to make the method easier.
  • Filters to decide on the products to be included within the feed.
  • Default mapping to assist you to start feed generation easily.
  • Customize your product feed in response to your store’s specific requirements.
  • Suitable for multiple languages.
  • Developer level customizations.

8. WPMarketingRobot WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

WooCommerce Google Feed Manager

That is one other powerful solution that can assist you to generate and manage product feed for various marketing platforms. It offers several advanced options to assist you to optimize the feed. You’ll have the ability to update the feed frequently by specifying intervals. Overall, this plugin might be of great assistance, should you wish to improve the visibility of your feed by linking through different marketing channels. More plugin features are:

  • Create and maintain product feeds for multiple comparison engines including Google Shopping.
  • Easily filter your products to incorporate only the relevant ones within the feed.
  • Optimize your feed easily by making individual product updates.
  • Start easily with different templates available for various channels.
  • Product feed template is frequently updated in response to the channel guidelines.
  • Specify convenient schedules for auto update of product feed.
  • Easy installation process.
  • No limits within the variety of products that may be included.
  • Reliable support and consistent updates.

9. RexTheme WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

This plugin will assist you in creating and maintaining a product feed for Google Merchant Center in addition to other channels. It integrates perfectly with WooCommerce and makes it extremely easy to generate and manage the feed promptly. Furthermore, it helps you automate the technique of updating the feed frequently, which is a compulsory requirement for Google Merchant Center. The plugin supports over 150 other marketplaces, and you’ll be able to simply select the place you must promote and may generate a feed accordingly. You may also:

  • Easily create product feed for Google Shopping and other marketing platforms.
  • Advanced filters to decide on products.
  • Easy option for category mapping between WooCommerce and Google.
  • Create custom attribute and identifier fields.
  • Support for fields created by several other plugins.
  • Capability so as to add variable products without variations.
  • Reliable support.

10. ExportFeed


ExportFeed will provide you a straightforward choice to create product feeds of your WooCommerce products. It has several advanced features and provides easy settings to start with. You may easily create your product feed with all of your products, including variations. ExportFeed also offers:

  • Helps you create product feed for various marketplaces and comparison engines including Google Shopping.
  • Support for various WooCommerce product types including variations.
  • Advanced mapping options to link your products accurately.
  • Mix several product feeds into one.
  • Dedicated support team.

11. WebAppick WooCommerce Product Feed Pro

WebAppick WooCommerce Product Feed Pro

You’ll have the ability to present your WooCommerce store products to multiple marketplaces and price comparison engines using this plugin. It helps you create XML, CSV and TXT product feeds for Google Merchant Center. The plugin offers advanced filters and conditional logic to allow you to include products selectively within the feed. Furthermore, there are advanced options to incorporate any custom attribute fields that chances are you’ll be using in your store. Also, the plugin is  quite capable to assist you to manage category mapping easily. The WebAppick plugin offers:

  • Create and manage product feed for various marketplaces.
  • Predefined template for feed generation.
  • Advanced category mapping.
  • Create custom attribute fields in response to requirements.
  • In a position to process large volumes of product data in batches.
  • Include custom field data within the feed.
  • Compatible with WPML
  • Integration with different plugins including WooCommerce Multivendor.

12. ShoppingFeeder

Shopping Feeder WooCommerce

You’ll have the ability to administer multiple product feeds from a single location using this tool. With the assistance of a free WordPress plugin, you’ll be able to integrate your store data with ShoppingFeeder. This can assist you to use customized product feeds in response to the necessities of the channels equivalent to Google Shopping. Overall, this might be an excellent option to spice up visibility and conversion potential of your products. Other notable features:

  • Manage product feeds for multiple channels including Google Shopping.
  • Helps you optimize the product data in response to the channel you might be targeting.
  • Get analytics insights.
  • Automated stock management.
  • Selectively allow team members to access data based on roles.

Hopefully this text has provided you with insights on a few of the perfect Google Shopping WordPress plugins. Simplify your WooCommerce feed management using certainly one of these advanced plugins. Tell us your experience with these plugins by leaving a comment below.

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