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Easy methods to Track Website Visitors to Your WordPress Site

Are you on the lookout for a straightforward solution to track your website visitors in WordPress? Tracking the variety of website visitors in your site can enable you to get insights to grow your corporation. You’ll be able to higher understand your audience by which posts they like, where they arrive from, and the way […]

WordPress 6.1 Incorporates “Massive Improvement To Database Performance”

WordPress 6.1, scheduled for November 2022, will feature a “massive improvement to database performance” because of latest post query caching. This latest feature guarantees to make WordPress web sites perform faster. The precise caching improvement is to the post query caching. Within the Twitter thread announcement someone asked if this improvement was already launched in […]

Properly Set Up the TikTok Ad Pixel in WordPress

Do it’s essential arrange a TikTok ad pixel in your WordPress site? Once you advertise your website on TikTok, you have to so as to add code to your site to trace the effectiveness of your ad campaign. When your TikTok ads and sponsored posts drive traffic to your website, you may see what content […]

The best way to Add Klarna Payments to WordPress (2 Easy Ways)

Are you on the lookout for a approach to offer Klarna payments in your website or eCommerce store? Klarna lets you add financing and installment plans to your website. You should use it to supply a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option and encourage customers to buy products. In this text, we’ll show you learn how […]

Best VoIP WordPress Themes for IP Telephony

The demand for using VoIP services is on the rise today. After multiple years with travel placed on pause, people finally have a chance to go to their preferred destinations with little or no restrictions. In cases if you end up removed from home and roaming charges are too high, using VoIP services for texting […]

WordPress vs Webflow: Which is Higher for Web Design?

Should you’re planning on constructing your website you’ll have heard of Webflow and WordPress, two of the most well-liked website builders available today. But before you possibly can begin your project, it’s best to rigorously weigh its pros and cons. Here we are going to compare WordPress and Webflow to determine which one is the […]

What’s Coming in WordPress 6.1 (Features and Screenshots)

WordPress 6.1 Beta arrived just a few days ago, and it is anticipated to be released on November 1st, 2022. It can be the last major release of 2022 and can include many latest features and enhancements. We now have been closely monitoring the development and trying out latest features on our test sites. In […]

The right way to Sell Group Memberships in WordPress for Corporate Teams

Do you would like to sell group memberships for corporate teams? Normally, membership web sites only let you sell single user subscriptions. But what should you desired to sell group memberships, so businesses can easily add their team members to the identical account? In this text, we are going to show you the right way […]

The way to Add Title and NoFollow to Insert Link Popup in WordPress

Do you must add a title or nofollow tag to your WordPress links? By default, WordPress doesn’t provide a way of adding title and nofollow attributes when creating links with the WordPress block editor. In this text, we’ll show you how one can add options for title and nofollow attributes to the Insert Link popup […]

The right way to Find Which Files to Edit in WordPress Theme

We are sometimes asked about the best way to find which files to edit in a WordPress theme. WordPress themes consist of several different files. Sometimes it could be hard for beginners to determine which files they need to edit to make sure changes of their theme. In this text, we’ll show a simple and […]