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News: 21 Best RTL WordPress Themes (Right to Left Language) 2022

Are you on the lookout for one of the best WordPress RTL themes? RTL (Right to Left) themes are designed to work perfectly with languages written in the fitting to left direction. These include Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Urdu, and more. In this text, we are going to show you a few of one of […]

How one can Add Custom Navigation Menus in WordPress Themes

Do you must add custom navigation menus in your WordPress theme? All themes have set locations where you may display a navigation menu. Nonetheless, by default, you may’t add a menu anywhere else except these pre-defined locations. In this text, we’ll show you add a custom navigation menu to any area of your WordPress theme. […]

10 Best VoIP WordPress Themes in 2022 (Compared)

Are you on the lookout for one of the best VoIP WordPress themes? VoIP (Voice over Web Protocol) is a contemporary technology to attach along with your users on voice calls. You may offer VoIP software, call forwarding services, networking services, and calling products on your corporation website with an appropriate WordPress theme. In this […]

News: 7 Full Site Editing WordPress Themes for 2022

WordPress has undergone quite just a few changes as of late. Previously few years alone, there have been major updates to WordPress core, changing how people interact with the CMS in major ways. The largest innovation is the addition of full site editing to WordPress. We’ve already gotten acquainted with Gutenberg and the way the […]

Best VoIP WordPress Themes for IP Telephony

The demand for using VoIP services is on the rise today. After multiple years with travel placed on pause, people finally have a chance to go to their preferred destinations with little or no restrictions. In cases if you end up removed from home and roaming charges are too high, using VoIP services for texting […]

The way to Add a Slide Panel Menu in WordPress Themes

Would you prefer to add a slide panel menu to your WordPress site? Adding a responsive menu will make it easier for users to navigate your website when using mobile devices. Once they tap your menu icon, a panel menu will slide onto the screen using an attractive animation. In this text, we’ll show you […]

The Best WooCommerce Themes for Your Website

Not only any old plan or approach will do when opening a latest business, nor will it suffice when constructing and launching a web-based store – even when the underlying business is already a successful one. It takes the precise tools and design philosophy to construct a successful online store – things not every WooCommerce […]

10 Top Corporate / Business WordPress Themes for 2019

Why an excellent corporate / business WordPress theme is precisely what you would like? Easy, a business has to have its identity. The web of today is all about branding, making your online business memorable, and overall planting a seed in your customer base’s head. And that seed thing is basically crucial. As an illustration, do you […]

25+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers in 2022

There’s an incredible amount of themes on the market, and nearly all of them look ok, truthfully. But what sets some aside from others, is how well a theme matches with criteria that certain users would love. We shared a handful of themes and plugins for writers last month, and because you prefer it a […]

15 Best Video WordPress Themes

Video is arguably the most engaging content type on the web today, but when you should create a successful video-centric site, it should be each intuitive and fascinating on your visitors. Fortunately, you’re a WordPress user, and there are a myriad of WordPress themes available that make it easy to create and manage a top quality video website. Whether you’re showcasing […]