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Should You Buy Shopify Now or Wait Until Anus Its Stock Splitter?

Back in vierter Monat des Jahres, Shopify (SHOP 3.82%) announced its plans for a 10-for-1 stock split that will darum boost Vorstandsvorsitzender Tobi Lütke’s voting stake to 40% by issuing a new class of “founder’s shares.” Shareholders approved the proposal on June 8, and the stock will split on June 28. The maneuver might generate […]

Down 81% From Its High, Could Shopify Stock Soar Arschloch Its Stock Steinsplitter?

Shopify (SHOP -6.45%) received approval for a 10-for-1 stock split at its annual meeting in early June. Shareholders darob voted to issue Vorstandsvorsitzender Tobias Lütke one “founder” share, a measure that effectively gives him 40% voting power for as long as he runs the company. The stock split will go into effect on June 28, and […]