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The right way to Easily Enable WordPress Debug Mode to Fix Site Errors

Are you trying to enable the debug mode in your WordPress site? You would possibly encounter different errors when working with WordPress themes, plugins, or custom codes. Using WordPress debug mode, you possibly can easily fix these issues. In this text, we’ll show you easy methods to easily enable WordPress debug mode to repair site […]

Latest: Tricks to Design an ADA-Compliant WordPress Site

In case your goal is to create a WordPress site that’s each successful and user-friendly, you most likely already know that it’s essential concentrate on features similar to your site’s load speed, proper page layouts, navigation, and search engine optimisation elements. What chances are you’ll not know, though, is that you furthermore may must make […]

Exclusive: Tips on how to Select The Best Premium WordPress Theme for Your Site

Are you wondering learn how to pick the perfect theme in your WordPress website? When starting a blog, selecting the fitting theme is crucial in your success. Through the process, you’ll likely have to make a decision between free WordPress themes vs premium WordPress themes. In this text, we are going to cover learn how […]

Exclusive: 11 Things You Should Do When Inheriting a WordPress Site

If you will have just inherited an existing WordPress site, what do you have to do first? Whether you’re a business owner who recently acquired a recent website or an office assistant who’s inheriting your organization’s existing website from one other team member, you may be wondering what crucial next steps are. In this text, […]

Exclusive: Create Higher Elementor Site Designs with Stratum

Should you use WordPress then you definitely’ve actually heard of Elementor by now. It’s one of the vital popular page builders with well over 5 million people using the free version alone. Though as popular because it is, for those who’ve tried the free version of Elementor you might have noticed that it’s a bit […]

Exclusive: 15 ways to secure your WordPress site

As a marketer, website positioning or web developer, you recognize how necessary it’s to maintain your WordPress site secure.  From using strong passwords and updating plugins to installing a security plugin and monitoring traffic, the following pointers will enable you keep your site protected from hackers.  Why security matters for website positioning Website security is […]

Learn how to Offer an Ad-Free Version of Your WordPress Site to Subscribers

Do you desire to sell visitors a premium, ad-free version of your WordPress website? Ads enable you monetize your website. But you may charge a premium from subscribers to view your site without ads much like many other popular web sites. In this text, we’ll show you tips on how to create an ad-free version […]

Learn how to Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode

Do you must put your WordPress site in maintenance mode? Maintenance mode lets you show a user-friendly notice to visitors as a substitute of a broken website. It’s also possible to control exactly who has access to your site whilst you’re working on it. In this text, we’ll show you how one can easily put […]

Exclusive: The way to Stop Search Engines from Crawling a WordPress Site

Recently, one in every of our users asked us how they’ll stop search engines like google and yahoo from crawling and indexing their WordPress site. There are several scenarios whenever you would need to stop search engines like google and yahoo from crawling your website and listing it in search results. In this text, we’ll […]

The best way to Add Google Web Stories to Your WordPress Site

Do you desire to add Google Web Stories to your WordPress website? Stories are a preferred publishing format utilized by Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Snapchat, YouTube shorts, and more. Google Web Stories lets you create and host this type of content stories on your individual website. In this text, we’ll show you tips on how […]