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Shopify: Down 80%, One Of My Largest Positions (NYSE:SHOP)

Antonio_Diaz/iStock via Getty Images Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) sunk 15% after releasing second quarter earnings and has since kept sinking. The stock has plunged amidst the bursting of the tech bubble however the crash is much too overdone. SHOP continues to speculate aggressively to support its long run growth outlook, but that may have the effect of […]

Maple Finance Goals to Be the Shopify of Crypto Lending

Decrypting DeFi is Decrypt’s DeFi email newsletter. (art: Grant Kempster) Last week Maple Finance, a credit-facility-as-a-service platform, announced that it had spun up a recent $300 million lending facility for troubled Bitcoin miners. This implies all those crypto miners struggling to show a profit in the present bear market now have a lending hand. For that service, though, […]

Here’s How Much You Would Have Made Owning Shopify Stock In The Last 5 Years – Shopify (NYSE:SHOP)

Shopify SHOP has outperformed the market over the past 5 years by 11.03% on an annualized basis producing a mean annual return of 18.32%. Currently, Shopify has a market capitalization of $34.35 billion. Buying $1000 In SHOP: If an investor had bought $1000 of SHOP stock 5 years ago, it might be price $2,276.47 today […]

Why Shopify Stock Was Sliding Today

What happened Shares of Shopify (SHOP -8.45%) were falling today in one other risk-off day for the stock market. Though there was no direct news out on the e-commerce software company, stocks tumbled broadly this morning as yesterday’s relief rally on the Bank of England’s decision to purchase bonds to shore up the British pound gave solution […]

Shopify Introduces POS GO – CMLViz.com

Published: 09/27/2022 14:43 GMT Shopify Inc – Peculiar Shares – Class A (SHOP) – Shopify Inc – within the First Half of 2022, Sales Made by Merchants Using Shopify’s Point-of-sale Grew Nearly 60%.Shopify – Launching Retail Hardware That Gives Merchants of Any Size the Flexibility to Deliver a Recent Form of In-person Shopping: Introducing Pos […]

Down 80%, Is Shopify Stock Well worth the Risk?

The Nasdaq sits 32% lower than the height of late last 12 months. That is not when most persons are excited about investments that may change into huge winners. But possibly it must be. Stocks are definitely down for a reason. Quickly rising rates of interest, inflation, geopolitical concerns, and continued supply chain disruptions have […]

How Profitable Is Shopify Exactly After Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation?

After years of rapid expansion, the jury is now out on Shopify (SHOP 0.67%) stock. The e-commerce software giant is making a push into recent areas to advance digital commerce for small businesses and entrepreneurs, but that is costing loads of money — not to say diluting existing shareholders with stock-based compensation. Amidst the mess, […]

People News: Expedia, Lumen, Shopify, Home Depot, Fannie Mae

Julie Whalen joins Expedia Group as finance chief Finance executive Julie Whalen joins Expedia Group as CFO, where she leads the web travel giant’s global finance organisation and financial activities, including accounting, corporate development, financial reporting and evaluation, internal audit, investor relations, real estate, tax, and treasury. Julie involves Expedia with greater than twenty years […]

Trans Fans Ask ‘Critical Role’ to Stop Support of Shopify for Libs of TikTok Support

The highly popular Dungeons & Dragons web series Critical Role released their newest episode, however it caused some controversy when fans learned that it was sponsored by Shopify. Shopify is an e-commerce company that’s known for being accountable for platforming Libs of TikTok. Libs of TikTok is a right-wing Twitter account that has been known […]

Why Shopify Stock Was Getting Dumped Today

What happened Shopify (SHOP -6.48%) stock was amongst the massive losers of the session on Thursday. Shares of the e-commerce software company fell in response to the Federal Reserve’s 75-basis-point hike to the benchmark federal funds rate Wednesday, in addition to commentary about future rate of interest hikes. Though there was no company-specific news out on […]