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How you can Remove the Sidebar in WordPress

Do you ought to remove the sidebar out of your WordPress site? The sidebar is a widget-ready area in your WordPress theme where you may show information that isn’t a part of the essential page content. Nevertheless, sidebars might be distracting and take up precious space. In this text, we’ll show you find out how […]

Find out how to Easily Remove WordPress Icon from Browser Tab

Do you should remove the WordPress icon from the browser tab of your website? Removing the WordPress icon can prove to be extremely helpful for you as it can will let you design your personal site icon and increase your brand recognition amongst customers. In this text, we are going to show you methods to […]

Methods to Disable Overflow in WordPress (Remove Horizontal Scroll)

Do you must disable overflow in your WordPress website? A horizontal scroll bar appears when a component on that page is simply too wide to display and overflows beyond the screen. Most WordPress themes don’t use horizontal scrolling because it might probably break your site layout and confuse users. In this text, we’ll show you […]