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Exclusive: WordPress 6.1 RC 1 Released, Ready for Testing and Translation – WP Tavern

We’re lower than three weeks out from WordPress 6.1’s official release on November 1, 2022. RC 1 was released this week, marking the hard string freeze, which suggests 6.1 is able to be translated. The features landing on this release are heavy on block and site editor improvements that can bring users a greater level of […]

Guide – Ready To Select A Downhill Longboard? – Todays Suggestions For You

Innovators determined that longer decks, soft urethane wheels, wide trucks are higher for handling the high-speed downhill racers. A downhill longboard is the right board for this. But you might be a beginner and wish to see what the thrill is all about and you wish balanced board. What board do you’ll want to select? […]

WordPress 6.1 Beta 1 Released and Ready for Testing – WP Tavern

WordPress 6.1 beta 1 was released today, and testing has begun with the final release expected in just below six weeks on November 1. Versions 13.1 – 14.1 of the Gutenberg plugin can be rolled into core for six.1. This includes features like improved block placeholders, more design tools for blocks, fluid typography, improvements to […]