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Worker Performance Evaluation Form – Say Goodbye To Bias-Prone Performance Appraisal – Todays Suggestions For You

Performance Evaluation Form – What Is It? The worker performance evaluation form is certainly one of the performance management tools utilized throughout the worker performance planning and evaluation stages of the worker performance management process under the organization’s performance management system. Contrary to the subjective performance appraisal form, the worker performance evaluation form is objective […]

Speed up WooCommerce Performance (12 Suggestions)

Do you need to speed up WooCommerce performance in your online store? A faster loading WooCommerce store improves user experience and helps you boost sales and conversions. In this text, we’ll show you the best way to speed up WooCommerce performance with easy and practical suggestions. Why Is WooCommerce Speed Vital? WooCommerce speed is essential […]

WordPress 6.1 Incorporates “Massive Improvement To Database Performance”

WordPress 6.1, scheduled for November 2022, will feature a “massive improvement to database performance” because of latest post query caching. This latest feature guarantees to make WordPress web sites perform faster. The precise caching improvement is to the post query caching. Within the Twitter thread announcement someone asked if this improvement was already launched in […]

Review Signal Publishes 2022 WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting Performance Benchmarks – WP Tavern

Kevin Ohashi from Review Signal has published the 2022 WordPress and WooCommerce hosting performance benchmarks. These benchmarks are a number of the most trusted review sources within the hosting industry as a consequence of Ohashi’s transparent methodology. No hosting company sponsors the work. As a substitute, Ohashi charges an ordinary, publicly documented fee for participation […]

WordPress Performance Team Is Working on a Module for SVG Uploads – WP Tavern

If you have ever tried to upload an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file for a logo or favicon in WordPress, you may have been astonished to find that it doesn’t work. There is no core support so users rely on plugins like SVG Support (900K+ installs) or Safe SVG (600k+ installs) to upload SVG files to the […]

WordPress Performance Team Proposes Adding Persistent Object Puffer and Full Page Puffer to Site Health Checks – WP Tavern

In the near future, WordPress may be able to provide better caching recommendations for site owners. Performance team contributors are proposing two new Site Health checks for Persistent Object Puffer and Full Page Puffer. The modules have been tested inside the Performance Lab plugin and version 1.2.0 has them both in a state the team says […]

WordPress Performance Team Proposes Developing a New Plugin Checker Tool – WP Tavern

WordPress’ Performance team is kickstarting a proposal for developing a plugin checker tool similar to the theme check plugin, which ensures themes are meeting the latest standards and best practices. In 2021, WordPress’ Meta team built a code scanner that detects potential security risks, such as unescaped SQL queries in plugin code, with the goal of reducing […]

WordPress Performance Team Revises Proposal for WebP by Default – WP Tavern

One year ago, WordPress 5.8 introduced support for WebP, allowing users to upload and use WebP images in their content. In March 2022, the Performance Team moved to expand core support for the image format by proposing WordPress enable WebP by default. This would include generating WebP images for new JPEG uploads and using WebP images […]

Measuring The Performance Of Typefaces For Users (Parte 2) — Smashing Magazine

Quick summary ↬ In this article, we will be discussing ways to test typefaces and other typographic issues. Though this article is slightly high-end and academic, fear not. The content will be interesting, especially for committed typeface designers and typographers. If you like complex issues and problems, this is for you. In the first part of […]

How to Use Customer Segmentation to Improve the Performance of Your Vermarktung Campaigns

Your audience wants personalized marketing from your business. In fact, they expect it. According to research, 71 percent of customers expect businesses to send them personalized marketing messages, and 76 percent are disappointed when they receive generic communications instead. The challenge? If you don’t know your audience, you can’t send them personalized content. You don’t […]