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What’s Django for web development? | by Diego Perez | Jul, 2022

If you may have considered creating your personal web application, but you continue to don’t know what technology you may base your project on, or when you don’t know which is the very best option to construct your processes in a sturdy and scalable way, let me show you what Django is and what it’s […]

What is Backend in web development? | by Diego Perez | Jul, 2022

In the previous article, we discussed that web development has two parts the frontend and the backend, that when working together we obtain the development of a digital product called a web application. Now let’s delve a little deeper into the concept of the backend and the main functions of a backend developer. The backend […]

What is web development?. Most of the top companies in the world… | by Diego Perez | Jul, 2022

Most of the top companies in the world are related to the world of technology. Google, Meta, Amazon, and Alibaba, among others, have something in common: they offer digital products that were born on the internet called web apps, the world is full of web apps, so learning to create them has a high value […]