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Mounting Your Pictures Into Your Photo Album – Todays Suggestions For You

The sort of photo album that requires a further product to put the photographs are the straightforward traditional style photo albums with plain sheets of paper inside, often there are glassine or tissue sheets in between each page. These type of albums are sometimes called “traditional style” or “classic style” photo albums. These photo albums […]

78-year-old retiree returns to a full-time work at a call center for 40 hours a week to keep up with his mounting costs.

To help with the expense of living crisis, a 78-year-old man has taken on a 40-hour-per-week call-center job. Maurice Taylor of Cambridge, Peterborough, had retired in 2012 but felt forced to return to work in order to ‘future-proof my existence’ as energy costs continue to rise. ‘One of the benefits is that I’ll be kept […]