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News: Why Shopify, Stripe, Alphabet, Meta, and McKinsey Sustainability are pledging to spend nearly $1 billion on carbon removal

We’ve emerged from a summer of unprecedented climate destruction. Wildfires raged across the western coast of North America, droughts ravaged European countries, and temperatures continued to rise across the globe. In September, Sacramento, California reached 116° Fahrenheit (47° Celsius), breaking a century-old heat record.  The macroeconomic outlook is equally grim. Inflation is rising. Global GDP […]

12 Essential Open Graph Meta Tags for Facebook and Twitter

Every marketer knows the phrase ‘content is king’, but that content is nothing without readers and followers. These days, there’s one sure-fire way to get your content out to a broader audience and share your awesome new blog post: social media. With a ready audience of millions, sites like Facebook and Twitter are some of […]

How to Use Meta Business Suite (Formerly Facebook Business Suite)

Businesses spend practically 115 billion whole on promoting throughout the Meta (previously Facebook) platforms. Why? It works! And not solely that; Meta has nice instruments that help you simply handle and observe your enterprise accounts. Are you struggling to maintain up together with your Instagram and Facebook marketing? DMs and feedback falling by the cracks? […]