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The way to Easily Hide (Noindex) PDF Files in WordPress

Do you should hide your PDF files from search engines like google and yahoo? You is likely to be running an internet business selling ebooks and wish to stop people from finding the file using search engines like google and yahoo. Or you may have sensitive information stored in those PDF documents that shouldn’t be […]

Convert Your PDF Files Swiftly With PDF Converter – Todays Suggestions For You

Many professionals make use of a Portable Document Format for the aim of handling vast amount of knowledge. You should use this file format for creating different sorts of documents starting from annual reports, newsletters, pamphlets, manuals, documentation and way more. In other words, for any type of business transaction it’s possible you’ll require using […]

How you can Convert PDF Files to Excel Spreadsheet

Some reports only available in PDF format should be analyzed. But PDF is read-only and other people need to retype all the information from PDF. Nonetheless, it should waste an excessive amount of time. Is there a PDF to Excel Converter which may convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheet easily? As there are numerous files […]

The right way to Find Which Files to Edit in WordPress Theme

We are sometimes asked about the best way to find which files to edit in a WordPress theme. WordPress themes consist of several different files. Sometimes it could be hard for beginners to determine which files they need to edit to make sure changes of their theme. In this text, we’ll show a simple and […]