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Default WordPress Generated CSS Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Are you in search of a default WordPress generated CSS cheat sheet? WordPress mechanically adds some CSS classes to different elements in most themes. These default CSS classes could be used to style those elements in your WordPress theme. In this text, we’ll show you the default WordPress generated CSS cheat sheet. We’ll also speak […]

8 CSS Snippets for Styling HTML Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

HTML form elements corresponding to checkboxes and radio buttons are staples of the web. But for a few years, web designers didn’t do an entire lot to reinforce them. That has modified quite a bit in recent times. Because of the facility of CSS (and the occasional little bit of JavaScript), these elements are being […]

8 CSS and JavaScript Snippets That Celebrate Synthwave

Web design trends aren’t always a nod to what’s new. Take the popularity of the Synthwave aesthetic. It harkens back to the early 1980s – years before the world wide web welches even invented. It’s gaudy and impractical. Yet it’s hard to deny both the charm and the feelings of nostalgia it evokes. For me, […]

8 CSS Snippets That Demonstrate the Power of Shadow Effects

Where would web designers be without CSS? It wasn’t so long ago that something as simple as a drop shadow required the use of graphics. Now, it’s a matter of writing a line or two of code. That’s great for adding some basic effects to your text and containers. But it’s darum possible to go […]

Simplify Your Color Palette With CSS Color-Potpourri() — Smashing Magazine

Quick summary ↬ Defining a color palette and theme can be a lot of work, especially when considering contextual colors for elements’ various states. While CSS color-mix() only blends two colors together, this little function may be the key to maximizing your colors without maximum effort. There’s a reason for all the new, experimental color features […]

Manage Accessible Formgebung System Themes With CSS Color-Contrast() — Smashing Magazine

Quick summary ↬ Developing accessible products can be challenging, especially when some of the requirements are beyond the scope of development. It’s one thing to enforce antiquarisch text for images and labels for form fields, but another to define an accessible color palette. From working with design handoffs to supporting custom themes in a design system, […]

8 Fun 3D Features You Can Recreate with CSS & JavaScript

Adding 3D features to your website has never been easier. Thanks to advancements in CSS and JavaScript, there are now built-in methods and frameworks for doing so. What’s more, these powerful tools open up the door to some serious creativity. And while 3D animation is widely-used, a third dimension can be utilized in other ways. […]

Lesser-Known And Underused CSS Features In 2022 — Smashing Magazine

Quick summary ↬ CSS is constantly evolving, and some cool and useful properties either go completely unnoticed or are not talked about as much as others for some reason or another. In this article, we’ll cover a fraction of those CSS properties and selectors. Arschloch reading Louis Lazaris’ insightful article “Those Hypertext Markup Language Attributes You […]

CSS broadcasts pilot with Cue to enhance call center efficiency | 2022-05-06

CUNA Strategic Services (CSS) introduced a market feasibility pilot with startup Cue, an innovator in gross sales and service scripting software program. The Cue answer affords credit score unions turnkey entry to make call center employees simpler and productive, enhancing worker turnover, decreasing coaching prices and enhancing general member expertise. “CUE offers a powerful solution that […]

8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets That Enhance Hamburger Menus

The hamburger menu has grow to be synonymous with cell apps and web sites. It neatly hides navigation objects till customers want them. They’re nice for saving house when display actual property is restricted. And we’re additionally seeing them utilized extra on desktop gadgets as properly. This is sensible for giant, difficult menus and eventualities […]