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Recent Proposal Calls for Contributors to Stop Merging Experimental APIs from Gutenberg to WordPress Core – WP Tavern

The practice of merging experimental APIs from Gutenberg into WordPress core may soon be coming to an end. A latest proposal, published by Automattic-sponsored contributor Adam Zielinski, calls for contributors to stabilize APIs before merging them into core. Over time, roughly 280 experimental APIs have been merged from the Gutenberg plugin, which Zielinski audited in […]

WebP by Default Merged Into Core for WordPress 6.1 – WP Tavern

WebP, a picture format developed by Google, which is meant to exchange JPEG, PNG, and GIF file formats, will soon be generated by default for brand new JPEG image uploads in WordPress and used for website content. The fundamental work for this feature was committed to core for inclusion within the upcoming WordPress 6.1 release. […]

Improving Core Web Vitals, A Smashing Magazine Case Study

Quick abstract ↬ At Smashing, we’ve struggled with amber Core Web Vitals rating for some time. Then after 6 months we lastly managed to repair it. Here’s a little bit case research on how we detected and stuck the bottlenecks, and the way we ended up with inexperienced scores, all the way in which. “Why are […]