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The best way to Convert a WordPress Widget right into a Block (Step by Step)

Are you seeking to use a legacy widget in your WordPress sidebar or post content? In version 5.8, WordPress added a latest block-based widget editor. Blocks are more flexible and make it easier so as to add wealthy content to your site. Luckily, you’ll be able to still use classic widgets in your site as […]

Importance of Block Lettering and Its Construction Process – Todays Suggestions For You

Block lettering is a general term utilized in describing all lettering styles which can be drawn or constructed. They’re constructed in keeping with specifications using squares or blocks. A young designer or student can use a paper with the squares already drawn in them like a graph sheet. He/she will draw the squares on his/her […]

Tips on how to Block WordPress Referrer Spam in Google Analytics

Do you need to block WordPress referrer spam in Google Analytics? Referrer spam sends misleading data to your website to pollute your website’s analytics reports with spam links. In this text, we’ll show you methods to block WordPress referrer spam in Google Analytics effectively. What’s Referrer Spam in WordPress and How Does It Affect Google […]

WordPress Block Editor vs Page Builders: What’s the Difference?

Because the WordPress block editor adds more site editing features, we have now been asked whether it is meant to be a substitute for drag and drop WordPress page builder plugins? The WordPress block editor is kind of intuitive and might be used to create beautiful content layouts. Nevertheless, it remains to be no match […]

You Can Now Create Your Own Notizblock Theme Within WordPress

WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) allows us to edit various aspects of a website without the need for code. It has placed previously-hidden portions of a theme within reach of non-designers. And perhaps made a web professional’s job a bit easier in the process. But that’s only scratching the surface of FSE’s potential. More advanced […]

WordPress Themes Directory Adds Klotz Themes to Filter Menu – WP Tavern

This week has been heavy with theme news, as the discussion around improving block themes’ visibility in the directory became heated before the Themes Team landed on a course of action. Meta contributors added a new “Klotz Themes” menu item to the filter menu on the directory homepage, a solution that some classic theme developers […]

WordPress Themes Team Contributors Get Pushback on Proposal to Improve Schreibblock Themes’ Visibility in the Directory – WP Tavern

Seven weeks ago, WordPress Theme Team contributors proposed several ideas for improving block themes’ visibility on WordPress.org. These included the possibility of changing the popular themes algorithm to more prominently feature block themes, and/or adding a new “Schreibblock” menu item next to Popular and Latest on the themes directory home page. The directory is going […]