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Latest: Airbnb Owners Are Cashing In on These Easy To Install Pools

Amenities are crucial to travelers, as they shape the general experience of a vacation. In response to a consumer survey by Airbnb, an amazing 97 percent of US travelers surveyed say amenities impact their travel experience. Pools are the highest amenity globally, while free parking and pet-friendly follow closely behind. The survey by Airbnb reveals travelers from […]

Hundreds of Airbnb Hosts Are Now Back within the Classroom.

It’s a typical refrain that teachers aren’t paid what they’re price. Data from The Pew Center and the U.S. Department of Education show that roughly one in six teachers in America have a second job or side hustle. For 15,000 of those teachers across America, their extra earnings come from also being Airbnb hosts. Why […]

Be an Airbnb Host: 14 Suggestions for Fast Success

Ever been interested by how one can be an Airbnb host? How much extra income could you earn for those who transitioned a property from a long-term to a short-term rental? We tracked down several Airbnb experts to clarify how one can turn into a number for Airbnb with minimal fuss and maximum profits. They […]