Smartrr Subscriptions Introduces the Strongest Subscription Tool within the Shopify Ecosystem

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Smartrr Subscriptions, the premier subscription app for DTC Shopify Brands, is introducing an industry-leading customer account portal, comprised of build-a-box, rewards, referrals and more. Designed to empower DTC consumers to curate their very own post-purchase customer journey, Smartrr’s revolutionary account portal will set a recent standard for the DTC post-purchase experience.

Going above and beyond traditional subscription software, Smartrr transforms brands’ customer account portals right into a brand engagement hub each for one-time and recurring business with comprehensive order history, reward opportunities, easy referrals, reviews, loyalty programs and more.

This revolutionary series of features by Smartrr sets the inspiration for the app to be the strongest subscription tool within the Shopify ecosystem. Subscription apps available on the market have traditionally focused on the usual “Subscribe and Save” billing features. Smartrr is raising the bar entirely with subscription management actions equivalent to gift, skip, swap and send now – all of that are intuitively placed for the optimal consumer experience. Advanced theming capabilities natively sync brand settings from Shopify to Smartrr’s account portal for a white-labeled brand experience.

Along with providing the final word DTC post-purchase experience, Smartrr drives consistent revenue streams for Shopify merchants through native Shopify checkout, one-time add-ons, exclusive discounts and member-only products to extend AOV, LTV and overall customer satisfaction. Smartrr’s unique approach to subscriptions has already provided brands tremendous value, as many Shopify merchants using Smartrr haven’t only doubled their subscriptions in as little as 90 days, but additionally they have seen 5X more sales over the lifetime of a subscriber.

“After extensive consumer research, we realized to ensure that a brand to really construct long-term relationships with their customers they’d need more opportunities to construct trust and engagement,” said Gaby Yitzhaek Tegen, CEO and Founding father of Smartrr. “Traditionally, subscription tools have been built to fulfill the recurring billing needs of merchants. To us, that’s table stakes. Every thing the incredible team here at Smartrr has built and is constructing towards has the end-consumer in mind. Consumers require curated subscription programs and much more so, control over their subscriptions journey. Not only that, brands must offer reasons to construct affinity beyond the product being purchased. Our latest product release embodies exactly that and sets a recent standard for the DTC post-purchase experience. We’re so excited to share our recent features with the Shopify community!”

About Smartrr

Smartrr is the premium subscription app for DTC Shopify brands. Built along with your end customer in mind, Smartrr increases brand engagement and LTV with quite a lot of out-of-the-box subscription models, a beautifully branded subscriber account experience, member-only advantages, and more. Join the likes of high-growth brands equivalent to Starface, Remi, The Earthling, Stix, and Jolie who’ve seen a median of 15X more sales over the lifetime of a subscriber.

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