No Question is Too Wild & Crazy for Minnesota DNR Call Center

When one thinks of the Minnesota DNR, you consider rangers out within the area imposing the foundations and sustaining public lands. I by no means actually questioned about who handles all of the inquiries that flood into the Minnesota DNR Call Center.

By “all the calls”, we’re speaking over 90,000 cellphone calls and 25,000 emails yearly. According to DL-Online, the DNR call center was created within the early 80’s to deal with the inflow of questions and unencumber DNR officers to work out within the area.

The St Paul DNR Info Center employs 11 data consultants that deal with over 100 thousand questions a 12 months. That’s about 400 cellphone calls and emails day-after-day, Monday- Saturday.

Most of the questions are ones you’ll count on like, fishing limits, license questions, , stuff like that. But additionally they get some fairly loopy questions like “I’m going to be filming a political ad on a lake with a Navy SEAL popping up from a hole in the ice. How big can we cut the hole?” or “Is it illegal to urinate outside my icehouse or over the side of my boat? I don’t like to, but sometimes it’s necessary.”

DNR Call Center Supervisor Justin Badini says “We welcome each query that is available in to us. We simply need to educate folks and get them the suitable reply and simply assist them,” he mentioned. “And if we don’t know? We’ll get them to the right person that does. There are so many people out there that were new to the outdoors and didn’t know, really, where to go for anything,” Badini mentioned. “And in order that they referred to as us.”

Here are some of the rather offbeat questions off of the Minnesota DNR Twitter account, Alr-DNR Info Center,


My mom wants to know if the dog licked a dead raccoon and then licked her face if she could get rabies.


Problem bear hitting the garbage, destroyed a locking dumpster because the guy had thrown dead ducks in it.



I’m working to make domestic cats non-releasable into the wild to reduce the impact on native birds. Who do I talk to?



There’s a bald eagle soaring in NE Minneapolis. Is it ok?



Everyone has a Covid problem, well I got a badger problem.



I have a woodpecker in East St Paul on Upper Afton Rd pecking on trees. Can they be trapped?



I saw an animal that I have no idea what it was. It was bigger than a deer.


I let my cattle out and a buck herded them back into the corral. Is that normal for deer to herd cows?



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