LoyalFans Fan Subscriptions Site for Content Creators (Review)

LoyalFans is an element of a recent wave of social media platform that permits users to monetize their fan base. You’ll be able to browse the location without having to enroll but when you wish to know the small print of how it really works and when you can actually earn money as a creator, you are in the proper place.

Like OnlyFans and other similar platforms, LoyalFans enables public figures, influencers, creators, and artists to earn money by providing their fans exclusive content.

Old-school fan clubs and even Facebook fan pages are a thing of the past. As an alternative, established and recent adult content creators alike are flocking to create premium fanclub subscriptions on popular sites like OnlyFans, Fansly, and LoyalFans.

What Is LoyalFans?

Based on their website,

“LoyalFans is a place where creators and fans can come together online for unique, meaningful interactions that elevate interpersonal experiences.”

LoyalFans.com is an all-inclusive fan club platform that allows artists and creators of all sorts to show their unique efforts and perspective into thriving, interactive businesses online.

We attempt to supply artists with a protected and stable place to create, share, connect, earn, and grow — each as public personalities running businesses in addition to humans in search of meaningful interactions with others. We attempt to supply fans with a protected and stable place to explore their interests and interact with creatives that compel them.”

Just like the wildly popular platform OnlyFans, LoyalFans offers people a simple technique to earn money by creating various types of original content and hosting it on their platform.

LoyalFans enables influencers, creators, and artists to earn money by providing their fans with exclusive premium content.

All sorts of content creators are welcome on LoyalFans from recent models, those with years of experience, and sex staff from the adult industry. Along with various kinds of creators, LoyalFans also allows any form of content to be offered. Sell your feet pics, sexy pictures, behind-the-scenes footage, pictures, or videos, adult content, and even DIY tutorials and gaming content.

Sign Up With LoyalFans

The registration process is straightforward and requires some personal information – a very powerful being your age, as you could be 18 years or older to make use of LoyalFans. It’s good to provide a government-issued ID, equivalent to a driver’s license or passport.

Once you have got provided this information, you can be prompted through the straightforward means of creating your profile and connecting your social media accounts. As well as, you’ll need to sign a contract and supply a W-9 tax form.

Once you have got accomplished your registration, you will need to decide on a:

  1. Nickname – the name that’s visible in your profile
  2. URL – the unique identifier on your profile
  3. Profile Photo – the image that’s visible in your profile

How Does LoyalFans Work?

You’ll be able to post images, video content, gifs, and messages to the LoyalFans platform. Overall, there are three kinds of posts you need to use as a creator:

  • Public Posts: Because the name suggests, these posts can be found for everybody to see whether or not they follow you. We recommend you create a public post and pin it to your profile.
  • Follower Posts: These are accessible totally free, but a follower should be logged in to their account to view these posts. Follower posts offer viewers insights into what they will expect in the event that they pay on your content.
  • Premium Content / Subscriber Posts: Premium content is content people must pay to view. You set the rates, and the content is offered so long as the follower’s subscription is lively.

Suppose someone doesn’t wish to pay a subscription fee. In that case, they will as an alternative buy a person piece of content equivalent to a post, video, or audio recording.

Other notable features include:

  • Video Store: Videos uploaded to the Video Store can be found for a la carte purchases only. These should not available to your subscribers; each video you add to your timeline gets added to your video store for individual purchases.
  • Direct Messaging: Sending private messages forwards and backwards offers followers more meaningful exchanges with their favorite model. Send out general messages, charge per response, or send locked material that the user may resolve to purchase.
  • Privacy Features: In today’s connected world, privacy is more vital than ever.
  • Geoblocking: This convenient feature lets you restrict access to your account from specific countries, making it harder for would-be hackers to realize access.
  • Delegating Access: This feature lets you give other people access to your account without giving them complete control or the power to make payment changes. It might be helpful when you might want to share information but prevents someone from misusing your account.

These features help keep your account protected and secure, providing you with peace of mind knowing your privacy is protected.

Is it Free to Use LoyalFans?

Yes, it’s free to enroll in LoyalFans.

As well as, LoyalFans doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Unlike similar platforms that charge account fees, LoyalFans makes money by keeping a percentage of the sale you make. They take a 20% commission (which provides you an 80% payout), and you’ll be able to earn a referral bonus of 5% of the brand new user’s earnings for all times by joining their referral program.

How Much Can You Make With Loyal Fans?

Whether you wish to create a thriving business on LoyalFans or simply searching for a recent side hustle, you are likely excited by understanding the earning potential on a month-by-month basis.

The reply, unfortunately, just isn’t an easy one. It is determined by several aspects, including the variety of fans you have got, the standard of your content, and the way well you promote your work.

When you’re just getting began, it’s unlikely you will give you the option to command the quantity top content creators charge for his or her subscriptions. Nevertheless, as you construct up a following, create more high-quality content, and expand your total reach, you will give you the option to extend your prices.

Ultimately, it’s as much as you to come to a decision how much you wish to charge on your work. But, with some effort, you could find the sweet spot that lets you make a good living with LoyalFans. While you might not receive much traffic initially, creating regular content will provide help to grow your audience.

How Do Payments Work With Loyal Fans?

As a content creator, it’s essential to make use of a platform where you’ll be able to quickly sell your content hassle-free and receives a commission on your labor.

LoyalFans has two pay periods monthly and offers multiple payment options, including ACH and wire transfer. As well as, it is easy to see your income details, like payment history, so you’ll be able to be confident that you just’re getting paid what you deserve.

What Can You Sell on LoyalFans?

LoyalFans allows creators to sell a large number of content forms, including:

Live Camming or Live Video Stream: NexoCams was a preferred camming site that allowed viewers to tip performers as much as they liked. While it’s now rebranded as LoyalFans, the basic concept stays the identical.

Live videos or camming offer fans more human interaction with their favorite creators and the chance to see them in motion. Performers typically arrange a schedule and post it on their page, so fans know once they can be found. Then, during a live cam session, the performer can interact with their fans.

LoyalFans allows viewers to tip performers as much as they like and interact via direct messages.

Paid Messaging: Paid messaging is a feature that permits fans to purchase exclusive access to a creator’s inbox. LoyalFans allows creators to set their very own price per message.

Paid messaging is an incredible technique to construct closer relationships along with your fans and offer them exclusive access to your content. You’ll be able to pair this feature with camming, where viewers will pay to message besides the power to tip.

Monthly Subscription: Subscriptions are monthly recurring payments that allow fans to access exclusive content from their favorite creators.

Subscriptions can include behind-the-scenes footage, pictures, videos, or explicit content. As well as, LoyalFans allows creators to set their subscription price.

You too can arrange a subscription campaign. You’ll be able to set several subscription offers (for instance, two subscriptions, ten subscriptions, etc.), discount percentages, and the campaign’s duration.

When you resolve to set the discount percentage at “free,” you may even need to pick out for a lot of days a subscriber will give you the option to access it totally free. You’ll be able to either make this campaign public or invite privately using a link.

Content Unlocking: Content unlocking is a feature that permits creators to supply exclusive pieces of content to their fans in exchange for a price. For instance, a customer could pay $5 to unlock a chunk of content like a video, GIF, or text.

Private / Video Calls: This feature allows fans to book a one-on-one call or video chat with their favorite creator. Creators must turn this feature on manually and set a price for the way much money each call costs.

Custom Content or Shoutouts: These are transient videos based on the custom request of your fans. For instance, in the event that they want you to wish them a birthday, say hello with their names or the rest. This feature lets your fans feel more of a connection to you.

You’ll be able to select who the shoutout can be for: the fan, another person, or an organization/group. As well as, LoyalFans lets you set custom pricing for all three of them.

Social Media and Promotional Tools:

Promotional Videos: You’ll be able to add a 10-15 second promotional video (video won’t have sound) to display as your profile picture for if you end up live camming.

Widgets: As a LoyalFans creator, you’ll be able to promote your account using widgets. Widgets are tools that help you embed your content on other web sites using a small block of code. Create your individual widget to extend your reach and website traffic to get more fans.

Social Media: Social media marketing is significant for any creator. LoyalFans offers creators the power to attach their Twitter accounts in order that they can share promotions to their Twitter feed.

How Does the Referral Program Work?

The referral program lets you earn additional money if you refer people to make use of LoyalFans.

There are two ways you’ll be able to earn money from referrals:

  1. LoyalFans can pay you 5% of the cash your referral earns for all times.
  2. Refer a recent customer and you will also earn 5% of the value of any content they buy outside of your individual. This amount comes from the creator’s share, so if someone referred a customer to your account, they might be paid 5% of your revenue.

LoyalFans vs. OnlyFans: Which is Higher?

OnlyFans is one of the crucial recognizable and popular platforms on this recent space; nonetheless, that does not necessarily mean it’s the most effective – let’s compare the 2.


Discoverability is crucial when attempting to earn income online. Fans cannot follow you if they can not find you.

LoyalFans has a considerable variety of categories users can browse to search out your profile, like “Recently Updated,” “Popular Creators,” “Suggestions,” “Live,” “Call,” and “Shout Out,” to call a couple of. More categories allow for higher content categorization and make it more accessible for users to search out the content they’re searching for.

Unfortunately, OnlyFans offers only a handful of categories to browse, resulting in less engagement and more difficulty growing your customer base.

Winner: LoyalFans

Monetization Options

OnlyFan creators can earn money selling custom content, fan suggestions, paid messaging, and referral programs.

However, LoyalFans creators can pick from a broader range of content to monetize. Along with the choices mentioned above, creators can earn money by live streaming, creating individual content pieces, customizable messaging, locked content, and fulfilling custom requests via direct messages.

Winner: LoyalFans

Payment Periods

As an OnlyFans creator, you have got the liberty to decide on how often you might be paid. You’ll be able to request payment at any time, provided you meet the minimum payout threshold of $20. This offers creators the power to be paid on a day by day basis in the event that they have enough revenue.

LoyalFans lets you request a payment twice a month with a minimum requirement of $50.

Winner: OnlyFans

Referral Program

OnlyFan creators get 5% of the referred creator’s earnings for the primary 12 months of their account being lively. After that, nonetheless, it is restricted to the primary $1 Million earned by each referred creator. So it means you’ll be able to earn as much as $50,000 per referred creator.

Conversely, LoyalFans, you earn a 5% commission for model referrals with no limits. Furthermore, you furthermore may earn if you refer customers to the platform.

Winner: LoyalFans 

Which Platform Should You Use?

While each platforms have pros and cons, LoyalFans offers creators a greater return on investment.

With LoyalFans, you have got many more options to monetize your content. For instance, you’ll be able to sell access to your content and utilize the built-in discoverability features, making it easy to drive traffic to your page.

In the case of payouts, OnlyFans wins hands-down. They provide frequent payouts until you meet the minimum $20. Quite the opposite, you’ll be able to only ask for bi-monthly payouts at a minimum of $50 with LoyalFans.

Nevertheless, LoyalFans provides you with more opportunities to earn money. For instance, their referral program is for all times with no caps, so you’ll be able to proceed to earn commissions on the people you refer indefinitely. LoyalFans even have many more content options to provide help to engage your audience.

It’s as much as you to come to a decision which platform is true for you. But when you’re searching for probably the most comprehensive platform that provides you probably the most ways to monetize your content, LoyalFans is the clear winner.

Cannot resolve? You do not have to – many creators boost their earnings by having a presence on multiple platform. Sell your content on each or try one other platform altogether.

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