Latest: Airbnb Owners Are Cashing In on These Easy To Install Pools

Amenities are crucial to travelers, as they shape the general experience of a vacation. In response to a consumer survey by Airbnb, an amazing 97 percent of US travelers surveyed say amenities impact their travel experience. Pools are the highest amenity globally, while free parking and pet-friendly follow closely behind.

The survey by Airbnb reveals travelers from america rate amenities as second most vital to vacation quality, just behind accommodations. These amenities are ranked higher in priority than shopping and dining experiences or location, and Airbnb hosts are taking advantage of a selected variety of pool to spice up their bookings and checking account.

Luxury Shipping Containers?

Modpools, the corporate that creates custom transportable backyard pools out of recycled shipping containers, has amassed quite a following on Instagram. Their versatile design might be sized to slot in almost any space while still allowing for luxury customization options.

In-ground pools can take a protracted time to construct, but modular pools are much quicker, with a turnaround time of just eight to 18 weeks. For Airbnb hosts who need to add the most well-liked amenity for travelers worldwide, it allows them flexibility without losing a complete yr of bookings.

For those properties without easy accessibility to the backyard, Modpools might be craned into place without requiring heavy machinery. They’re a super option for creating an inviting landscape surrounding the pool with minimal effort.

An Airbnb Asset

One of the vital popular features of a Modpool design is the Instagram-worthy pool window. The 6′, 8′, or 10′ configurations are a giant trend on Instagram.

Airbnb host Thomas Solorio comments, “It (the Modpool) does add HUGE value to our listing and to bookings.” His Modpool features prominently on his Airbnb listing in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

“When many of our competitors were struggling to get bookings, we were fully booked. There are many reasons for this. But one big reason is the allure of our Modpool. The pool is unique, functional, and it is very attractive. It has certainly bolstered our success as a short term vacation rental.”

Properties don’t should be modern in design. This Airbnb listing in Abbotsford, BC, boasts the Modpool with a window feature connected to a farmhouse retreat. Set on 13 acres, it offers a countryside getaway with upscale amenities to entice travelers to the listing.

Not all Airbnb hosts need to incorporate the window feature add-on. This Airbnb superhost in Joshua Tree, CA, heavily markets its Modpool and even includes it in its listing title and outline.

This Airbnb host in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, markets their Modpool as a “Kidquarium Indoor Heated Pool w Side Window.”

Rent Out Your Pool

Airbnb owners who’ve available dates without bookings can rent their Modpool out hourly on Swimply. It’s like Airbnb for pools, where people can browse nearby pools to make use of for an allotted time period, and Swimply takes a 15% commission.

This Modpool owner in Utah rents out their pool for $75 per hour. Sonny Mayugba, Swimply’s Vice President of Growth, says, “Right now, we have hosts who are clearing well over $100,000 for the season.”

Swimply is the proper example of how successful the sharing economy might be. The platform has over 20,000 pools available across all 50 states, Canada and Australia.

“As the largest swimming pool rental platform in the world, we see a huge market opportunity here as people seek experiences with their families and friends that they can’t get at home. In fact, our motto is ‘Escape Locally’ – offering unique access to nearby private pools,” continues Mayugba.

Production Times Are Decreasing

Future Airbnb hosts could also be concerned about supply chain issues that face firms around the globe.

Now that Modpools has opened a second manufacturing facility in Texas with ten times the square footage of its original factory in British Columbia, production is ramping up, and lead times are shrinking.

Increase The Value of Your Home

Airbnb hosts aren’t the one ones cashing in when adding a pool to their homes. A pool will increase your asking price while you go to sell your house. For those who are paying less for a modular pool than you’ll for a conventional in-ground pool, you’ll reap the advantages while you put your house available on the market.

“Sellers should see an increase in asking price, and those homeowners who are specifically looking to purchase a home with a pool will pay it. Of course, not all potential home buyers want a pool because of the maintenance costs associated with it. But those who do understand it is cheaper to purchase a home with an existing pool than to attempt to build one from scratch,” comments Real Estate Agent Andrew Karpiak.

Putting a swimming pool in your backyard might seem to be a significant indulgence, however it’s an investment that pays off by way of lifestyle, health, and property value.

So if you happen to’re searching for a technique to add more value to your Airbnb listing and entice travelers with top-rated amenities, chances are you’ll want to think about installing a Modpool in your backyard. You should have people booking very quickly to get their Instagram selfies out of your pool.

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