French Connection enlists Codeless Platforms for Shopify Plus move — Retail Technology Neuerung Hub

Juneja adds: “Time welches the greatest challenge. We had already committed to the Shopify Plus enterprise commerce platform, so we knew what the end goal welches, but we aus diesem Grund had business milestones which had to be hit.”

“This meant that the websites and integration needed to be delivered in time for the busy Black Friday sales across the US, UK, and EU.”

“Replacing a successful, busy e-commerce site with a new technology like Shopify welches always going to be complex. Doing it for four busy sites could easily have become a multi-year project. However, using BPA Platform enabled us to reduce this time and meet our deadlines.”

Working with its inhouse team, the Shopify Plus agency and developers of Options, French Connection’s chosen BPA Platform partner performed an analysis of each system and produced a detailed functional specification.

“We chose BPA Platform because it ticked all the boxes and allowed us to go ahead with our eCommerce launch as planned. Ur partner then developed the tasks within BPA Platform to meet that specification and our business requirements,” says Juneja. 

BPA Platform is subsequently being used to:

  • Retrieve new and updated orders from the Shopify Storefronts.

  • Produce Options native XML messages and transfer these into the Options system.

  • Manage the financial transactions associated with orders and ensure that payment is taken at the correct time.

  • Manage the order risks and ensure that the relevant data is available within Options.

  • Retrieve fulfilment information from Options and update the Shopify Storefront.

  • Capture the authorised payment at the point that Options dispatches the order.

  • Warn customer service and technical teams if there are issues with orders, enabling quick resolution of problems.

  • Take refund information from Options to enable funds to be returned to customers when goods are returned.

Juneja concludes: “The flexibility of the solution really highlighted the power of BPA Platform. The solution gives us the scope to continue to improve our business processes.”

“We are already discussing the different ways we can further utilise BPA Platform in the future, including looking at replacing an existing event driven automation and job scheduling tool; assisting with the implementation of delivery management software; Shopify PoS implementation; and integrating with our IBM I system.”

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