WordPress 6.1 Beta 1 Released and Ready for Testing – WP Tavern

WordPress 6.1 beta 1 was released today, and testing has begun with the final release expected in just below six weeks on November 1. Versions 13.1 – 14.1 of the Gutenberg plugin can be rolled into core for six.1. This includes features like improved block placeholders, more design tools for blocks, fluid typography, improvements to […]

3air – Blockchain-based Connectivity and Global Economic Inclusion Solution Launches on MEXC Exchange Sept, twenty second

The 3air project goals to resolve the perennial issues that created and proceed to contribute to the economic underdevelopment of many regions globally, starting with African cities. The project will launch on the worldwide MEXC exchange on the twenty second of September, 2022 at 10:00 AM / 12:00 PM CET. The project arrives at a […]

Reversible transactions can play a key role in driving adoption of crypto.

The irreversibility of blockchain transactions is often touted as proof of crypto’s security. Because a Transactions can’t be undoneScammers cannot charge back money they have already transferred to buy a product. It provides the ultimate level of protection for sellers – especially those who might have been burned in the past using a third-party servicePayPal […]

Microstrategy Bitcoin gambling loss increases to $1.5B, shares fall after $6M BTC purchase

MicroStrategy was the headline story Tuesday when it announced that it had acquired an additional 319 bitcoins in a sharp price decline, unaffected by ongoing market turmoil. According to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing, the software company that Michael Saylor founded spent $6 million to buy it. This makes it the largest crypto-related […]

How a fake bitcoin transaction is linked with the GTA 6 leak

Bitcoin fraudsters took advantage of the drama surrounding Grand Theft Auto (GTA), a popular video game series. The game is currently in developmentIn the sixth edition of legendary studio Rockstar, an evil actor was able infiltrate their network to steal valuable data about the project. Rockstar Games ApprovedTheir official Twitter handle was hacked, which is […]

LoyalFans Fan Subscriptions Site for Content Creators (Review)

LoyalFans is an element of a recent wave of social media platform that permits users to monetize their fan base. You’ll be able to browse the location without having to enroll but when you wish to know the small print of how it really works and when you can actually earn money as a creator, […]

The Best WooCommerce Themes for Your Website

Not only any old plan or approach will do when opening a latest business, nor will it suffice when constructing and launching a web-based store – even when the underlying business is already a successful one. It takes the precise tools and design philosophy to construct a successful online store – things not every WooCommerce […]

Loox Launches The First Shopify Post-Purchase Upsell Solution That Displays Photo Reviews

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Loox, the leading peer-to-peer marketing solution for Shopify merchants, announced today the discharge of “Loox Upsells”, a tool for ecommerce sites to extend the typical order value by enabling online sellers to display photo reviews next to post-purchase upsell offers. The launch of Loox Upsells marks the […]

Fansly vs OnlyFans vs Patreon: The right way to Make Money

If you’ve gotten been wondering what is the difference between OnlyFans, Fansly, and Patreon, you’ve gotten come to the suitable place. Platforms like these have been a boon for creators around the globe. They supply individuals with a way to construct their online profiles, share their talent, and monetize their content. As digital connectivity has increased […]