20 Best Photoshop Actions for Creating 3D Effects (2022)

On the lookout for a straightforward solution to add a 3D look to your photos? You’re in the appropriate place. 

We’ve handpicked one of the best Photoshop actions for creating 3D effects you’ll find anywhere and listed them below so that you can explore.

These actions let you add hyper-realistic effects to your images that’ll really make them pop very quickly. Add depth of field, shadows, isometric effects, and more in only one click, and shave hours off your workflow time!

Note: All of the actions below are included in an Envato Elements subscription, which is on the market for as little as $14.50/month. When you enroll, you’ll find a way to download as many Photoshop actions and other creative assets on Envato Elements as you want and use them in your personal or business projects. A 7-day free trial is on the market for brand new customers.

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The 20 Best Photoshop Actions for Creating 3D Effects

1. Conceptum – a 3D Sketch Photoshop Motion

This awesome Photoshop motion from Profactions turns any photo into an expert technical sketch. But this isn’t just any sketch motion—it’s extremely high-detail and preserves certain 3D elements to create unique, eye-catching, three-dimensional artistic endeavors that play together with your perspective. Apply it to photos of objects for best results.

There’s also a full video tutorial included within the download in case you need a number of tips that could aid you start! 

Why it’s our top pick:

Conceptum is our favourite 3D motion on account of how unique it’s. You need to use it to create truly original edits that’ll make you the envy of your Instagram followers.

For businesses, it’s also great for creating unique photo edits that showcase your products in style.

2. 2-in-1 3D Popup Sketch Photoshop Motion

3D popup sketch action

Here’s one other cool 3D pencil sketch motion by IndWorks. The cool thing about this one is that it also creates a sensible popup effect that makes your photos look as in the event that they’re literally jumping out of the page. 

This one works best on portrait photography in high resolution (2000px-5000px; 72/300 dpi). Nonetheless, you can even apply it to objects and low-res images—just expect sub-par results.

The download pack comes with two different forms of 3D popup sketches, 5 paper textures, and 5 wood patterns.

The motion creates 10 different color presets, so you possibly can really customize the effect and make it your personal. It’s straightforward to make use of but you possibly can watch the video tutorial in the assistance file for a step-by-step guide.

3. 3D Isometric Photoshop Motion

Isometric 3D Photoshop action

This isometric motion creates a more straightforward 3D effect. You need to use it to remodel two-dimensional vector shapes, smart objects, texts, and layer groups into realistic 3D objects.

It’s easily customizable and includes 10 extrusion sizes and 12 shadow sizes, with customizable colours, fonts, and lightweight and shadow directions.

4. Anaglyph 3D Motion

Anaglyph 3D Photoshop action

Anaglyph is a 3D motion that adds a retro stereoscopic 3D effect to your images. For those who ever watched an old movie in 3D a decade or so back, the effect must be familiar. It really works by creating two versions of your image, off-setting the angle, and superimposing them in two different colours: red and cyan. 

After using this motion, in case you placed on a pair of old-school red/blue 3D lens glasses, you’ll actually find a way to see the image in 3D.

The set includes eight different actions, all of which you possibly can implement easily in a single click. It’s non-destructive so it won’t override your original image file.

5. 3D Dispersion Photoshop Motion

Dispersion 3D effect

Here’s one other interesting 3D motion to check out. It makes your images look as in the event that they’re breaking apart into tons of of three-dimensional shards, which then seemingly fly away in a mesmerizing effect. You’ll be able to control the direction of movement of the flying particles and have them float away to the left, right, up, or down. 

6. Stereoscopic 3D Effect Motion

That is one other stereoscopic 3D effect which you could use to present your photos a trendy retro look. Just like the Anaglyph effect that we checked out earlier, it really works by superimposing red and cyan versions of your image at a rather off-set angle.

The outcomes are very skilled and it’s easy to edit the layers when you’ve run the motion if you should tweak the outcomes.

7. 3D Chrome Generator

Chrome 3D Photoshop Action

This 3D Chrome Generator motion will turn your flat images into hyper-realistic 3D objects that look as in the event that they’ve been coated in chrome. And what’s really cool is that it even makes your 3D object act as a mirror that reflects the background environment so as to add to the realism.

It really works with all layers: texts, vector shapes, pixel layers, smart objects, and folder groups. We recommend using it in your logos for one of the best results and experimenting with different backgrounds, but it surely also works well on just about any flat object. You’ll be able to customize the effect by selecting the position, angles, and lighting direction.

8. Gold 3D Photoshop Motion

Gold 3D Photoshop Action

Here’s one other metallic 3D Photoshop motion that’ll turn your flat images into solid gold blocks. It’s easy to make use of with one click and works with all layer types including vector shapes, text, smart objects, and layer groups.

Again, we’d recommend trying this out in your logos for one of the best results and experimenting with different shadow sizes and directions.

9. 3D Effect Photoshop Motion

That is one other 3D Photoshop motion that creates a stereoscopic 3D effect. Apply it to your portraits to present them a retro touch.

All you could have to do is open your image in Photoshop, install the motion, and hit the play button—and also you’re done. It keeps layers organized so you possibly can customize it easily, and the unique image will remain untouched.

10. Isometric Illustration – 3D Generator

Why waste hours using a 3D engine to create your three-dimensional illustrations when you possibly can do it in a single click with this 3D generator motion? 

It really works like magic: Just create your flat illustration and play the motion, and it’ll be become a classy 3D isometric illustration in seconds. It really works with shapes, vectors, pixel layers, group layers, texts, and smart objects.

You’ll be able to choose from 4 isometric directions and 10 depth sizes. The pack comes with 40 actions in total.

11. Sculpt Motion For Photoshop

3D sculpture effect

Here’s one other unique motion from Design Rocket. This one creates a sensible 3D sculpture out of your flat objects and makes them look as in the event that they’ve been carved into rock.

You’ll be able to choose from two materials to your sculpture: grey rock and block rock. You too can select one in all three variations: normal, extruded, and extruded + deformed.

Every time you run the motion, it’ll generate barely different surface effects, so that you get unique results every time.

12. 3D Text Photoshop Motion

3D text effect

Just on the lookout for a straightforward solution to create 3D text in Photoshop? That is the motion for you. It’s a simple one-click motion effect that transforms your texts into realistic 3D objects.

Other than text, you can even apply it to vector shapes, pixel layers, smart objects, and layer groups.

13. 3D Frame Motion Set

Frames action set

Here’s one other easy but cool 3D motion effect that makes your photos look as in the event that they’re in 3D frames.

All you could have to do is open the image you should frame and select your chosen pose, then play the motion. Easy!

14. 3D Splash Dispersion Photoshop Motion

3D Splash effect

That is one other Photoshop motion that adds a cool 3D effect to your images. All you could have to do is brush over the world you should apply the effect to and run the motion.

Then, that area will probably be made to seem like it’s become a splash of fluid that’s seeping away. It looks awesome and is great for product photography. Layers are grouped in neat folders and fully editable so you possibly can easily adjust the effect.

15. Color Metal 3D Effect

Color Metal is one other one-click Photoshop motion that makes your images 3D, with a cool metallic effect. It really works best with text. You’ll be able to select the depth of the extrusion (small, medium, or large), in addition to the colour (select from 10 different colours), and lightweight/shadow direction.

16. Animated 3D Photography Stereoscopic Motion

3D Animation Photoshop Action

This 3D motion works somewhat in a different way. It creates an animated 3D GIF out of your original photo, moderately than a still image. Loads of brands use these sorts of looped 3D GIF effects of their visual campaigns because they appear so cool.

It uses the parallax effect to create the 3D illusion by splitting the animation into two layers and making a slight shift within the objects’ related positions.

It’s easier to see it in practice than explain it, so download it and take a look at it out to show your still images into animated, 3D artistic endeavors!

17. Flour & Powder 3D Photoshop Motion

Flour & Powder

Wouldn’t it’s cool in case you could make your logos, text, and graphics look as in the event that they’ve been made out of flour or powder? Well, now you possibly can with this nifty 3D Photoshop motion.

It includes the motion file, plus flour brush preset, pattern preset, styles file, and a PSD starting template. There’s a help file included to point out you learn how to use all of it.

18. Liquify Photoshop Motion

Liquify is an awesome Photoshop motion that may take your portrait photography to the following level. It creates a cool, liquid 3D effect that makes the topic seem like they’re ‘melting’ into liquid droplets. There’s a video tutorial to point out you learn how to use it and customize it.

19. Isometric Photoshop Motion Pack

Use this isometric Photoshop motion to remodel your text, vector shapes, and other images into real 3D objects in a single click.

You’ll be able to customize it with 10 variable colours and 4 depth sizes. It really works with all layer types and comes with a PDF help file.

20. Sphere Maker Photoshop Motion

This motion does exactly what you think that: it turns your image right into a 3D sphere. For those who ever desired to make it seem like you’ve captured a photograph or scene inside a sensible sphere, now you possibly can. You’ll be able to customize the effect by selecting the quantity of ‘spherize’ you should achieve. 

3 Suggestions for Selecting the Right Photoshop Motion

That concludes our roundup of one of the best Photoshop actions for creating 3D effects. As you possibly can see, there are plenty to select from. Listed below are a number of tricks to aid you select the appropriate motion to your project. 

Search for non-destructive actions

Most (but not all) Photoshop actions for creating 3D effects are non-destructive. This implies the edits they apply to a picture occur in a separate layer to be able to preserve the unique image.

That way, in case you’re not comfortable with the finished results, you don’t must worry about losing your original image—it hasn’t been edited directly so you possibly can still return to it.

For those who plan on using a destructive Photoshop motion, be certain you backup your original image first, just in case.

Customization options

One of the best Photoshop actions for creating 3D effects will probably be highly customizable. Ideally, you need to find a way to quickly tweak things like shadow sizes and directions, extrusions, colours, etc., and put your personal ending touches to it.

Variety of 3D effect

Different Photoshop actions create various kinds of 3D effects, so that you’ll wish to select one which creates the particular form of effect you’re going for.

For those who just want a simple 3D look that makes your 2D image look 3D, an isometric effect is one of the best selection.  

For those who’re attempting to recreate that old-school red/blue 3D look from retro movies, search for an motion that creates an anaglyphic/stereoscopic effect.

Other actions might be used for much more unique and interesting 3D effects, corresponding to three-d sketches, spherical images, sculpture effects, etc.

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